Super Play Super Play

In late 1992, with the Super Nintendo recently launched, Future decided to launch a magazine to cater exclusively for the console. Super Play was launched in November 1992, but with the official license for Nintendo magazines with Emap (publishing Nintendo Magazine System) Super Play reveled in being 'as unofficial as reasonably possible', which resulted in a quirky, individual magazine, taking inspiration from Japanese culture and the world of video gaming as a whole, merging them together almost seamlessly.

The magazine had close ties with Japanese RPGs and animation, and covered heavily featured articles about Anime and Manga. In the same vein, each issue of the magazine had a cover drawn by notable manga artist Will Overton (later Art Editor on N64 magazine) giving the magazine a completely individual style.

Of course, the UK market was never forgotten. The intelligent reviewing team always prided themselves on writing the most honest and entertaining reviews, which is another reason why the magazines were such a success for so long - readers trusted them.

Super Play lasted for 47 issues, just shy of 4 years. Despite its relatively short run, it still gathered a large following. After its closure, several members of staff and features were incorporated into Future’s sister magazine Total! however this only lasted another month before getting the axe.