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A tribute to Future's rich Nintendo Magazine legacy.

Here we'll celebrate 20 years of Nintendo magazines published by Future Publishing. Covering everything from the SNES all the way to the Wii U. You can browse our featured magazines using the links above or have a read of some of our recent blog posts below.

Latest Updates

First Issues

27th March 2022

A look at the first issues of all of Future's magazines.

Planet Game Boy

14th March 2022

We look at N64 Magazine's dedicated Game Boy section.

The N64 at 25 Years Old

1st March 2022

March 1st 2022 marks an astonishing 25 years since the N64 was launched in Europe.

Other Magazines

25th February 2022

We take a look at some of the other Future magazines dedicated to Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

Nintendo Years - 1992

17th February 2022

1992 was an important year for Nintendo, with heavy competition from SEGA, it was a make or break year in Europe for the big N.

The Top 10 Wii Games - According to NGamer

9th February 2022

We take a look at the 10 best Wii Games as reviewed by NGamer.

The Obsession with... Zelda: Ocarina of Time

31st January 2022

We take a look at Ocarina's of Time's appearances from the very first look in 1996/7 all the way to it's release in Christmas '98 and beyond.

The Evolution of A Games Magazine

21st January 2022

How does a magazine change and adapt to the constant evolution of a gamer? We take a look at some of the core aspects that changed over 20 years of Nintendo Magazines.

Site Launched

7th January 2022

The website finally is live!

Choosing an N64 Magazine

23rd December 2021

For my 12 year old self, choosing a companion to my new console was no easy task.

If this website was a free guide book it would be Worth Seven Pounds!

9th December 2021

Future publishing was a great believer in the power of a free gift either stuck to the front of their magazines, or in the bag with the magazine.