Future Publishing’s Nintendo legacy has been a strong one, with fans from all over the UK and beyond enjoying its single-format magazines. Beginning in 1992 with Super Play to accompany the Super Nintendo, and evolving into N64, NGC and NGamer - for 20 years there has always been a humorous unofficial companion to the world of Nintendo available for Bedroom, Mealtime or even Toilet(1) reading. That is, until recently, as Future Publishing decided to close its doors on independent publications (and more recently even ceasing to publish the Official Nintendo Magazine) to focus on more online content and thus it looks like the door has sadly been closed off for good.

We’re hoping that this website will build into a resource for all those who feel nostalgic about our dearly departed magazine series. Updates to the site will fall into one of these categories:

  • The magazines themselves, detailing what’s in each magazine, and anything that is particularly interesting about that issue. Plus details about where you might be able to find the magazine to download yourself.

  • Articles about the games and the coverage they had in the magazines, both for released and unreleased games.

  • Magazine Features, where you can find any features that might have been in the magazines (trust us, there were a lot!).

  • Staff Members, with profiles on all the key staff members that worked on the magazines, where they came from and what they’ve done since.

As the website grows bigger, there may be more sections added in the future. We would love to hear about your thoughts and memories of the magazine and what you want to see in the future. Why not send us a message to let us know your thoughts.

  1. Oh no, we’re not resorting to toilet humour already are we!