Unlike some other magazine franchises, the story of Future’s Nintendo legacy is a fairly straightforward one, and apart from a short period whilst N64 magazine was being refined, there was always a magazine on the shelves, catering for the Nintendo console of the moment.

This page will build into a timeline of the magazines, charting the important events over the 20 year history.

Super Play

October 1992
Super Play is launched, 4 months after the Super Nintendo’s launch. All the biggest games are covered.

July 1994
Super Metroid is released.

November 1994
Donkey Kong Country is released.

May 1995
The Ultra 64 is revealed at E3.

January 1996
Yoshi’s Island is released.

September 1996
The last issue of Super Play is released, covering the N64’s launch in America. Pages are devoted to Mario 64 and Pilotwings, the two major launch games.

N64 Magazine

April 1997
Accompanying the N64’s launch, N64 Magazine hits the shelves.

December 1997
The N64’s first christmas. Big games like Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye & Lylat Wars are launched.

August 1998
Banjo Kazooie is released.

December 1998
Ocarina of Time is released, after 22 issues of previews & features. Reviewed over two issues, it was N64 magazine’s biggest by far!

March 1999
Planet Game Boy is launched in issue 26 - covering all things Game Boy.

October 1999
The UK goes Pokemon crazy as Red and Blue are finally launched in the UK.

December 1999
Another great Christmas, Jet Force Gemini, Donkey Kong and Smash Bros are released.

July 2000
Perfect Dark is launched - another massive review after 2 years of anticipation.

November 2001
The Gamecube is announced.

January 2001
N64 Magazine’s 50th issue, a celebration of everything that’s happened previously.

July 2001
The Gamecube stars at E3, all the big games are covered.

October 2001
N64 magazine’s final issue - sob!


November 2001
​NGC Magazine’s first issue - yay!

May 2002
The Gamecube is released in the UK.

June 2002
NGC is relaunched as the biggest magazine in the UK.

November 2002
Mario Sunshine is released in the UK.

March 2003
Wind Waker is released in the UK.

November 2004
The DS is launched in the USA and Japan

March 2005
Resident Evil 4 is released.
The DS is launched in the UK.

May 2005
The Revolution is announced.

May 2006
The Wii’s name is revealed.
NGC’s final issue :(

NGamer (2006-2012)

July 2006
NGamer’s first issue :)

November 2006
The Wii is launched.

August 2007
Metroid Prime is released.

November 2007
Mario Galaxy is released.

June 2010
Mario Galaxy 2 is released.

July 2011
The Wii U is announced at E3.

November 2011
Zelda: Skyward Sword is released.

January 2012
The magazine is reformatted and relaunched as Nintendo Gamer

October 2012
The last issue of Nintendo Gamer is taken off the shelves - sob!