Future Magazines

First Issues

27th March 2022

A look at the first issues of all of Future's magazines.

Other Magazines

25th February 2022

We take a look at some of the other Future magazines dedicated to Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

The Evolution of A Games Magazine

21st January 2022

How does a magazine change and adapt to the constant evolution of a gamer? We take a look at some of the core aspects that changed over 20 years of Nintendo Magazines.

Choosing an N64 Magazine

23rd December 2021

For my 12 year old self, choosing a companion to my new console was no easy task.

If this website was a free guide book it would be Worth Seven Pounds!

9th December 2021

Future publishing was a great believer in the power of a free gift either stuck to the front of their magazines, or in the bag with the magazine.