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Issue 8

N64 Magazine Issue 8

November 1997
Release Date: 24 Oct 1997
Pages: 100
Editor: Jonathan Davies


The N64’s first Christmas began its buildup this month. Starfox was launched in the UK under the Moniker Lylat Wars as well as MRC and Top Gear Rally going head to head. The team took great pleasure in announcing that Lylat Wars was a near perfect PAL conversion, something that had been dogging UK gamers for years with slower games and borders. Elsewhere they had previews of San Francisco Rush and Earthworm Jim 3D.


Future Look

  • San Fransisco Rush
  • Earthworm Jim 3D
  • Nagano Winter Olympics

Coming Soon

  • Tonic Trouble
  • Gex 3: Enter the Gecko
  • G.A.S.P.
  • NBA in the Zone '98
  • Hybrid Heaven
  • Wetrix
  • Legend of Zelda 64
  • Fighting Cup
  • Virtual Chess 64


  • Baku Bomberman
    Author: Zy Nicholson
    Country: Jap
    Score: 50%
  • J-League Dynamite Soccer
    Author: Tim Weaver
    Country: Jap
    Score: 66%
  • Multi Racing Championship
    Author: Jonathan Davies
    Country: UK
    Score: 71%
  • Top Gear Rally
    Author: Jonathan Davies
    Country: UK
    Score: 86%
  • Lylat Wars
    Author: Jonathan Nash
    Country: UK
    Score: 90%
  • Mischief Makers
    Author: Jes Bickham
    Country: US
    Score: 90%
  • Jikkyou World Soccer 3
    Author: Tim Weaver
    Country: Jap
    Score: 91%

How To

  • Win every single time in Mario Kart 64's Battle Mode
  • do all the really hard bits in Blast Corps


  • Lylat Wars Championship
  • Win Heaps of N64 Goodies


  • Jonathan Davies Editor
  • James Ashton Deputy Editor
  • Tim Weaver Games Editor
  • Wil Overton Art Editor
  • Zy Nicholson Writer
  • Paul Jarrold Art Assistant
  • Jes Bickham Writer
  • Jonathan Nash Writer