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Issue 52

N64 Magazine Issue 52

March 2001
Release Date: 15 Feb 2001
Pages: 100
Editor: Andrea Ball


Star Wars: Battle for Naboo was on the cover of issue 52, as they got the chance to go to San-Francisco to visit Factor 5, and take a look at both Battle for Naboo and Indiana Jones. They managed to get playthroughs of various levels of both of the games, and thought things were shaping up fairly well - although at this point they were both dated for Autumn. The only Future Look this issue was Conker’s BFD, with the team praising the originality of the game, looking at some of the more interesting set pieces.

Planet Game Boy had another look at the Game Boy Advance with the Japanese release less than a month away.  They had the first proper shots of Mario Kart Advance, as well as the games they expected to release in 2001. There wasn’t much going on in reviews, as Bionic Commando was the highest score with four stars. There was a competition courtesy of EON Digital Entertainment to win various Game Boy Accessories.

As had become the norm for 2001, there weren't many reviews this issue. Pokemon once again starred, with Puzzle League scoring 89% and the Japanese version of Stadium Gold and Silver scored 90%. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue scored only a tenth of that, with one of the lowest ever ratings, scoring a pitiful 9%. Mario Party 3 was comfortably the worst game in that series so far, scoring 74%.

This month’s big guide looked at Majora’s Mask, and provided tips to find everything, including all the heart-pieces, all the bottles and how to upgrade all your items. At the back of the mag Mark looked at some of the Nintendo classics that were lost to the depths of time. The games featured on the Japanese SNES add-on the Satellaview, and were basically games beamed via satellite to be stored on special cartridges.


Future Look

  • Conker's Bad Fur Day
    Anticipation Rating: 5 out of 5

Coming Soon

  • Animal Forest
    Anticipation Rating: 5
  • Mega Man 64
    Anticipation Rating: 4
  • Animal Leader
    Anticipation Rating: 5
  • Paper Mario
    Anticipation Rating: 5
  • Dance Dance Revolution
    Anticipation Rating: 3

PGB Reviews

  • Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy
    Country: Uk
    Score: 3
  • Bionic Commando
    Country: Uk
    Score: 4
  • Blade
    Country: Uk
    Score: 3
  • Disney's Magical Racing Tour
    Country: Uk
    Score: 1
  • Mr Driller
    Country: Uk
    Score: 3
  • 102 Dalmations Puppies to the Rescue
    Country: Uk
    Score: 2

Special Investigation

  • Star Wars: Battle for Naboo
    Score: 4
  • Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
    Score: 4


  • Pokemon Puzzle League
    Author: Geraint Evans
    Country: UK
    Score: 89%
  • Power Rangers Lightspped Rescue
    Author: Mark Green
    Country: UK
    Score: 9%
  • Pokemon Stadium Gold/Silver
    Author: Geraint Evans
    Country: Jap
    Score: 90%
  • Mario Party 3
    Author: Mark Green
    Country: Jap
    Score: 74%

How To

  • Find Absolutely Everything in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask


  • Lost in Space


  • Andrea Ball Editor
  • Mark Green Deputy Editor
  • Justin Webb Art Editor
  • Paul Edwards Deputy Art Editor
  • Alan Madrell Writer
  • Steve Jalim Production Editor
  • Geraint Evans Writer