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Issue 21

N64 Magazine Issue 21

Novermber 1998
Release Date: 5 Oct 1998
Pages: 132
Editor: James Ashton


It was getting close to Christmas and the games started to come in. Turok 2 was once again the cover star, with the team getting their hands on an exclusive review copy. 1080 Snowboarding was finally reviewed, having been delayed until the winter, and the underrated Glover also got a UK review. The team got their first big look at Perfect Dark, amongst other games from Rare. The team also visited Finland to take a look at V-Rally 98. In Zelda news, the UK release date was finally announced. Elsewhere the team launched their “I’m the best at Banjo” competition and the team looked at the 10 strangest things in Video Games.


Future Look

  • Perfect Dark
  • Jet Force Gemini
  • Rogue Squadron
  • Body Harvest

Coming Soon

  • Duke Nukem: Zero Hour
  • Nightmare Creatures
  • Revolt
  • Chameleon Twist
  • Rayman 2
  • Shadowman
  • Wild Metal Country
  • NFL Blitz
  • Battletanx
  • Puma Street Soccer
  • Nascar '99
  • Lego Racers
  • NFL Quarterback Club '99

Special Investigation

  • V Rally '98 Championship Edition
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme


  • Trump World
    Author: Mark Green
    Country: Jap
    Score: 25%
  • Waialae Country Club Golf
    Author: Tim Weaver
    Country: UK
    Score: 49%
  • Gex 64: Enter the Gecko
    Author: James Price
    Country: UK
    Score: 59%
  • Bomberman Hero
    Author: Tim Weaver
    Country: UK
    Score: 66%
  • Glover
    Author: Martin Kitts
    Country: UK
    Score: 83%
  • 1080 Snowboarding
    Author: Martin Kitts
    Country: UK
    Score: 89%
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
    Author: Tim Weaver
    Country: UK
    Score: 95%

How To

  • Become an ISS '98 Champion


  • Are you the best at Banjo-Kazooie
  • The 10 Strangest things in Video Games


  • James Ashton Editor
  • Tim Weaver Deputy Editor
  • Wil Overton Art Editor
  • Paul Jarrold Art Assistant
  • Andrea Ball Production Editor
  • James Price Writer
  • Martin Kitts Writer
  • Mark Green Writer